Draw on elements of effective email composition

Assignment Task:

Compose two emails, aimed at different audiences with slightly different purposes. Therefore, while they share the characteristics of business correspondence (formal salutations, closings, and correct positions), the tone and content may differ. Draw on elements of effective email composition and consult Chapter 7 (especially pp. 200-206; 210-211). Make sure to draft both emails and review before submission:

Message 1: Internal Email

You requested a copy of the most recent employee evaluation for your direct report, Tim Crews. Gina Giadikis from HR sent you the wrong evaluation. You received the employee evaluation for your co-manager, Danielle Rivera, in error. Draft an email to Gina Giadikis from the Human Resources department informing her of the error and requesting the proper document.

Message 2: External Email

A client's insurance premium payment did not post correctly. The client, Ava Schwartz, contacted you and informed you of the error. You have corrected the error and the payment is now posted and will reflect on the next statement. Draft an email apologizing to the client for the error and informing her of the resolution.

Textbook: Business Communication Developing Leaders for Networked World

  • Fourth edition
  • Peter W. Cardon


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