Discuss the us naturalization civics test


This discussion is mandatory, counts as 10 points towards your overall class grade, and is connected to the U.S. Naturalization Civics Test activity. Make sure you complete the test before posting in the discussion!

To complete this discussion:

  • take the U.S. Naturalization Civics Test.
  • post a sentence discussing your results.
  • respond to the question below.
  • support your answer with citations from your textbook.
  • use APA Style when citing from your book.
  • react to two of your classmates' posts.

Question: "Are you in favor of having a civics test at naturalization for future U.S. citizens? If so, what purpose does this serve in your opinion? If not, why not? Use the terms and concepts you learned from your textbook to support your answer. Cite your source(s) using APA Style."


  • Initial post should be a minimum of 100 words.
  • Initial post should cite concepts and terminology from the textbook.
  • Citations should be done in APA Style.

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