Discuss the purpose of juvenile waiver-transfer


Requirements for paper.

1. Discussion of the purpose of juvenile waiver/transfer.

2. Discussion of the consequences of juvenile waiver/transfer.

3. Discussion of the various forms of juvenile waiver/transfer to include a detailed discussion of at least 1 jurisdiction's juvenile waiver/transfer policy/law.

4. Disparity issues in juvenile waiver/transfer.

5. Discussion of whether juvenile waiver/transfer policy/law has met the intended purpose.

6. Recommendation for the future of juvenile waiver/transfer (based on evidence discussed in items 4 and 5 above).

You MUST use a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are peer reviewed, academic journal articles - NOT web sites, magazine articles, or newspaper articles.

Your paper MUST have 6 clear headings/sections - Purpose, Consequences, Forms, Disparity Issues, Intended Purpose, and Recommendation.

Your paper should inform a reader who has never heard about juvenile waiver/transfer.

The key element in your paper will be the discussion of the effectiveness of juvenile waiver/transfer and your recommendation for the future of juvenile waiver/transfer based on the evidence you cite in your research paper.

Your final paper MUST be a minimum of 8 pages - 12 points Times New Roman font with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 1.25 inch left and right margins.

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