Discuss about the republican party of virginia


State of Califonia

Locate the websites for the major political parties in your state. Once you have located the party website, determine the elements of the party platform. Organize the following information into an essay. Include the correct citation of the party's website and any other references you used for this essay using current APA format. Do not write about the Republican Party of Virginia.

1: Examine one of your state's party platforms.

• Do you agree with the platform?

• Why or why not?

• What biblical principles apply to your position?

2: Examine the voting record of your elected representative to state government.

• Does the person vote in line with the party platform?

• Give specific examples.

3: What views would you like to express to your representative?

4: How can you get involved with politics at the local level to support the candidate of your choice?

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss about the republican party of virginia
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