Discuss the offenders crime matches



Research Paper

Each student will be assigned a known criminal. Students are expected to conduct their own extensive research and write a research paper (8 to 10 pages - cover page and references do not count towards the page count). At least 8 academic sources should be used and cited. Students should discuss within their paper how the offender's crime matches or does not match patterns presented in the textbook (e.g., risk factors, the crime itself). If the crime does not match, you should point this out. Discuss the main factors that contributed to the crime, their background, education, family ties, external elements, and so on. The paper should have the following section:

1) Intro;

2) Background (childhood, family, education, traumatic events, etc.);

3) Criminal history and details of the crimes;

4) Criminological Theory that fits the criminal and explains their criminal activity;

5) Conclusion;

6) References.

No extensions will be given.

The assignment must be written in APA, Times New Roman size 12, one-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced. The assignment must be submitted on Canvas.

Your cover page, references, or abstract do NOT count towards the page count.

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Biology: Discuss the offenders crime matches
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