Discuss the impact of west coast dock shutdown on business


Entrepreneurship is in Alyssa Stuart's blood. Alyssa has been starting businesses since she was 10 years old and she finally has the perfect business of custom-made furniture. Customers who visit Alyssa's shop can choose from a number of different fabrics and 50 different styles of couch and chair designs to create their custom-made furniture. Once the customer decides on a fabric pattern and furniture design they send the information to China where the furniture is developed and shipped to the customer via the west coast. Alyssa is excited about her business and all of her hard work has finally paid off as she has over 17,000 customers and 875 orders currently in the pipe


Alyssa's business is booming. Her high-quality products and outstanding customer service have created an excellent reputation for her business. Today, Alyssa's business is at risk of losing everything and she has come to you for help solving her supply chain issues. Yesterday, a dock workers' union strike began and shut down all of the west coast shipping docks from San Francisco to Canada.

Work will only begin when the union agrees to new labor contracts, which could take months. Alyssa needs your help and she has asked you to summarize the impact of the west coast dock shutdown on her business and create a strategy to keep her business running, which is especially difficult since Alyssa guarantees thirty day delivery on all products or the product is free. What strategies do you recommend for Alyssa's business to continue working while her supply chain is completely disrupted by the dock workers' strike?

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Business Management: Discuss the impact of west coast dock shutdown on business
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