Discuss the hot button issue of illegal immigration


Write a 12 to 15 page research paper on relevant subject; i.e. real or imagined sense of decline in America, from 1960s, up until and including today. This paper on the hot button issue of illegal immigration, must be based on primary and secondary sources. The essay must be analytical with a thesis, argumentand conclusion.

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Illegal IMMIGRATION - There is a hypocrisy in the Illegal Immigration Crisis of Today that deviates from the principles and promise of the good life that this country was builton. Challenges of Politically inspired merit based residency policies backed by blinded policies when politicians actively involved in the recruitment of foreign corporations and their executives with open arms hospitality vs.Humanitarian issues for victim from Mexico and Central America who walk here escaping violence and oppression seeking (asylum) performing backbreaking physical labor with the goal of living with their families in a "free" democracy. New Language of the IMMIGRATION CRISIS, seemingly is, no Longer"Give Us Your Tired, Hungry, Poor", open door policy, that thousands of Europeans experienced while also "informally" entering the U.S.A.seeking a better and safer life.

VOCABULARY - Nationalism, populism, ideology, Migrant, Illegal Alien, Refugee, Merit Based naturalizations, open borders, immigrant

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This is on target, but please make your approach history-driven and -centered. How about the Mariel-boatlift crisis of 1980 and its impact on America, for example? That would fit the course's focus (HISTORY), and it would be manageable in the time and space available.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the hot button issue of illegal immigration
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