Discuss the contingency factors that affect planning


Choose 4 of the following questions to fully answer and post in on the discussion board. You should submit as one post.

I. Explain what studies have shown about the relationship between planning and performance.

II. Discuss the contingency factors that affect planning.

III. Will planning become more or less important to managers in the future? Why?

IV. If planning is so crucial, why do some managers choose not to do it? What would you tell these managers?

V. Explain how planning involves making decisions today that will have an impact later.

VI. How might planning in a not for profit organization such as the American Cancer Society differ from planning in a for profit organizing such as Coca-cola.

VII. What types of planning do you do in your personal life? Describe these plans in terms of being (i) strategic or operational, (ii) short term or long term, and (iii) specific or directional.

VIII. Many companies have a goal of becoming more environmentally sustainable. One of the most important steps they can take is controlling paper waste. Choose a company. You've been put in charge of creating a program to do this for your company. Set goals and develop plans. Prepare a report for your boss outlining these goals and plans.

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