Discuss prioritizing tasks during service what things are

Write 2 solid analyses about your first rotation and your second rotation. Single-spaced font size 12, total assignment not more than 2 pages.

For example: If your first rotation was JPR dining room you would write an analysis on that. Your next rotation would be Bistro so your 2nd analysis would be on that. These analyses should be insightful, and concise. Make them appropriate to a college level writing assignment. If we see papers that go like this..."I really liked the lab, we all worked really great together and had fun. I learned so much, and hope to use things l learned when I graduate...blah, blah, blah" We will stop reading and you will fail the assignment.

POSSIBLE topics for each rotation (or choose your own) include:

BISTRO -Labor activity - discuss how you would spend $500 per day to pay for labor (from a $2000 sales day). For example how many employees would you use and what jobs would they be doing (hint you're going to have to combine jobs). Include all opening, prep and closing time. How much would you pay each of these employees (hint you're going to have to pay your grill cook more than your cashiers) In simple terms discuss what task they would be doing and how many hours per day they would work (use the bistro as a model...same menu, prep time, etc). For example: "I would use 5 employees (2 on the front line and 3 on the back). Employee1 is my grill cook. I am paying him $15 per hour and he will work from 9am until 2pm $75 daily. He will open the store and prep grill items, LTO's, and make soup. Employee 2...blah, blah, blah you get the idea.

JPR DINING ROOM- Talk about Service Recovery (what must be present in every incident for successful service recovery). Describe how these activities are perceived by the guest, or by you, if you'd like to analyze your own service recovery experience.

Discuss prioritizing tasks during service. What things are most important? Why? Why do you think it is difficult to train task prioritization to staff?

Discuss 5 top etiquette tips food servers should put into practice...Invent your own, piece meal them from online articles, or take a survey of co-workers, friends and family. Discuss why you think these practices are important and should be adopted by all servers.

JPR KITCHEN - Discuss ways that a menu design impacts kitchen operations (labor and plate execution/ prep, equipment, storage,
Discuss prioritization during prep, set-up and production. What things are most important? Why? Why do people have trouble with prioritization? Is there anyway besides experience to get people to learn and understand how critical prioritization is to effective work habits?

Labor activity: see the above suggestion (bistro). Do this activity for the JPR kitchen. If you were the manager how would you spend $175 to staff kitchen and dining room. Can it be done? How much would you have to raise prices to maintain a 35% labor cost with your proposed minimal labor scenario and the current assumption of $500 per day of sales.

Please don't ask us a lot of questions about what to do for this assignment. There are plenty of examples of analyses and guides for writing help on line. One thing that industry says over and over is that college students come out not knowing how to problem solve. Problem solving takes analysis. This assignment is about Analysis.

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