Cattaraugus county rehabilitation center did an effective

Case Assignment

Formulate an argumentative essay around the following thesis statement:

Cattaraugus County ReHabilitation Center did an effective job of implementing a Balanced Scorecard approach in a fashion that reflects its organizational mission and vision.

If you do not think this thesis is accurate, you can argue that the center did not do an effective job.

Assignment Expectations

Your analysis should be structured in terms of the following four perspectives (you will be using essentially this same comparative evaluation framework for the first four modules of this course):

Introduction: In this part of your essay, set up your argument by introducing your topic and presenting your position or thesis statement somewhere in the introductory paragraph.

Analysis: In this section, present several arguments in favor of your thesis statement. Make sure you discuss how the center used the scorecard quadrants to align with organizational strategy (or how it failed to do so).

Conclusion: Wrap up your argument with a clear and cogent synopsis of your findings. Do your best to convince your reader (aka your professor) that your position is valid.

Additional Instructions: Your argumentative essay should be 3-4 pages in length (not counting your title page or references). You must include a title page and a list references. APA formatting is preferred. Do not paste sections of text into your essay. All of your work must be written in your own words. It's OK to use a short quote now and again, but quotations must be in quotation marks and properly cited. In-text citations should be used anytime you are borrowing somebody else's ideas or information. That is to say, if you are borrowing a thought from a publication from G. Jetson's article written in 2010, that section of text must be followed with (Jetson, 2010). Quotations, data, and general ideas (put into your own words) should all be cited.

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