Discuss about the market maneuvering for buyer patronage


Which of the following statements about the market maneuvering for buyer patronage that goes on among rival sellers of a product or service is false?

1. The ever-changing competitive maneuvering among industry rivals produces a continually evolving competitive landscape where the market battle ebbs and flows, sometimes takes unpredictable twists and turns, and produces winners and losers.

2. When one industry competitor makes a new strategic move or boosts its competitive efforts in ways that yield good results, its rivals typically respond with offensive or defensive countermoves of their own.

3. The ongoing jockeying of rivals leads to some companies gaining or losing momentum in the marketplace based on the success or failure of their latest competitive efforts and maneuvering in the marketplace.

4. A market is a competitive battlefield where the winners are usually companies with a large market share of industry sales and the losers are companies with a small market share.

5. Each competing company endeavors to deploy whatever means in its business arsenal it believes will attract and retain buyers, enhance its competitive strength vis-a-vis rivals, and yield good profits.

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Marketing Management: Discuss about the market maneuvering for buyer patronage
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