Develop the complete mrp chart for each item


Q: Product X is made up of three units of Y and three of Z (see product structure tree below). Y is made of one unit of A and two units of B. Z is made of three units of A and four units of C. Lead time for X is two weeks; Y, two weeks; Z, three weeks; A, 3 week; B, one week; and C, three weeks.

On hand inventory includes 30 X, 40 Y, 30 Z, 40 A, 120 B, and 2200 C. There are no scheduled receipts, the ordering policy for each item is LFL, and no safety stock is required.

a. If 400 units of X are needed in Week 9 develop the complete MRP chart for each item.

b. In order to satisfy the requirement for 400 product X's in period 9, what is the earliest that you need to take action and what is that required action?

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Operation Management: Develop the complete mrp chart for each item
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