Develop a behaviour plan for anna to address her biting


You are the educator at Over the Rainbow long day care in the 2-3-year-old toddler room and you care for Anna who is 2.5 and her development is age appropriate, she loves Dora, dolls and home corner. Anna's cultural background is Italian, and she understands and speaks basic English. Anna attends the service 4 days a week as her parents is working and studying.

Anna has been enrolled at your service for 8 months and you have observed since Anna turned 2 (two) she has begun frequently biting the other children in her room and this happens mainly when she wants a toy from another child, or she becomes frustrated.

Your supervisor has asked you to help develop a plan that will support Anna to develop more appropriate behaviour. She suggests that as Anna is from a culturally and linguistically different background, you might need to contact the inclusion support unit for some advice. They may be able to assist you with strategies.

Use the information contained in the scenario to fill out as much as you can of Anna's behaviour plan

- Who is involved in developing the plan?

- Ongoing support providers - specialists, referral bodies

- Behaviour

- Who was involved

- Environment and curriculum influences

- Cultural implications

- Trigger

- Function/consequence analysis

- Baseline behaviour

- Goal

- Long term objective

- Short term objectives

- Relationship based strategies for response

You have consulted with your supervisor, the other educators and Anna's mum Gina. You have developed a behaviour plan for Anna to address her biting and you will now begin to implement this plan in your room with the other educators.

- How will you ensure that everyone involved in implementing Anna's behaviour plan are clear about the rationale, limits and strategies to be used?

- How will you communicate and support the other educators so that the strategies are carried out effectively and with consistency?

- What factors within the service do you think may have led to Anna's biting behaviour? How would you now minimise these?

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