Determine the feed rate of air in kmol-min

The feed stream to a claus plant consist of 20 mole% H2S and 80 mole% CO2. one-third of the stream is sent to a furnance where the H2S is burned completely with a stoichiometric amount of air fed @ 1 atm and 25 degrees C. the rxn is H2S + 1.5O2 goes to SO2 + H2O the product gases from this rxn are then mixed with the remaining two-thirds of the feed stream and sent to a reactor in which the following reaction goes to completion: 2H2S+SO2 goes to 2H2O+3S the gases leave the reactor flowing at a rate of 10m^3/min @ 380 degrees C and 205kPa absolute. assuming ideal gas behavior, determine the feed rate of air in kmol/min.

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Chemistry: Determine the feed rate of air in kmol-min
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