Determine the closing market price of common shares

Using one of the financial websites, look up the five following stocks: Coca-Cola, General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Humana, and Home Depot. Determine the closing market price of common shares of each of these companies for each day the market if open during the week Aug 12-16. Also determine the PE ratio, dividend yield, and total common shares outstanding of these companies. Explain what these figures mean. For the same five day period ending Aug. 16 chart the ending balance each day of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Standard & Poor's (S & P) 500 index. Discuss the differences between the two indices as to composition of companies, how the average is computed, which is more widely used. Compare the movement of the two indices with the companies listed above. Give your opinion, supported by legitimate financial literature, as to which better reflects the movement of the U.S. financial markets in general and each of the company's included in this discussion. In other words, compare the movement of your stock with the overall market index. Follow writing instructions.

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Finance Basics: Determine the closing market price of common shares
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