Describe the rfp preparation process what are some of the

Routine informative messages

Some projects may require an outside contractor. Describe the RFP preparation process. What are some of the key components and why are these important? We've talked about different kinds of neutral or routine messages and why some are more difficult to write that others. I think we agree that the length of a document is not necessarily the determining factor for how difficult it might be to write. Rather, the purpose of a document, along with the interest of the readers, is what determines how hard it will be to write an effective document. Also, we've discussed how much effort it is to get the appropriate content and get it organized; that also plays a role in the level of difficulty for writing any document.

What can you do to make writing easier in routine situations? Stay tuned as we move forward. You are going to learn easy ways to write more quickly and effectively.

What would you like to discuss before we move forward with our discussions about writing routine messages?

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English: Describe the rfp preparation process what are some of the
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