Describe the difference between depression-bipolar disorder


Part 1

This case example has a little twist to it that we haven't studied yet. When you read it over, think "outside the box." Let me know if you have questions any time!

After you have viewed this videos, read your assigned information, and read the information in the attached case example carefully:

1. Consult the DSM 5, ICD 10 Codes & any other legitimate sources regarding this disorders.

2. Try to arrive at a diagnosis for the case example, based on what you have read and studied. There may more than 1 diagnosis.

3. Write up your information on this case. Provide your reasoning and evidence for your selection based on the information in the case example. (3 pages maximum, APA style)

Please read attachment case example and follow the instruction above. The diagnosis I came up with was:

1. Probable major neurocognitive disorder due to frontotemporal lobar degeneration (with behavioral disturbance)

2. moderate alprazolam- use disorder

3. Moderate Cannabis- use disorder

4. severe alcohol-use disorder

5. Moderate stimulant- use disorder

Please discuss these disorders in paper, along with evidence from the case example. Also watch the videos below for more information.

Part 2

Describe the difference between depression and bipolar disorder. Be sure to include a description of the clinical characteristics of each from your readings. Be sure and include information, insight or ideas from the posted videos. Failure to include videos in your discussion will result in reduction in points. Reply or respond to at least 2 other peers. Be sure your reference your sources.

Attachment:- Case - Emily.rar

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