Describe specifically what your society looks like

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I need help creating my own world with a society within it.  This world could be on Earth. It could be another planet.  It could be a virtual world.  You must give me a brief description of your world. Then describe specifically what your society looks like.  Remember a definition of society is a culture that has boundaries or borders. In that description, I would like you to tell me about the inhabitants of your society.  They can be human, humanoid (think Star Trek and Star Wars), animal, computer, or even plants.  The possibilities are as wide as your imagination will take you. The requirements are that these inhabitants must think and interact with one another.

I need help on what should I write about. I need an intro and a conclusion. I will be discussing about culture, socialization, and deviance.

I want to talk about having my own virtual world with being peaceful, loving, family and just having a one big community. But, if someone does a crime or goes against the law. They face consequences such as going to jail or going to a different society. i don't know, just need help staring.

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Other Subject: Describe specifically what your society looks like
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