Describe an incident fire spill explosion etc you have

Hazards chemical two questions

Question 1. Describe an incident (fire, spill, explosion, etc) you have experienced (or research one on the Internet, professional journal, or scientific magazine article) that involved a polymeric or explosive material(s) and required mitigation. Please do not use the instances supplied in the textbook unless you intend to provide a lot more detail than what is included in the book. The following items must be addressed:

A) Describe the incident and identify the polymeric or explosive material(s) involved;

B) Discuss the chemical interactions of the material(s) involved in this incident or hazardous properties relevant to the incident;

C) Discuss the mitigation required or implemented.

Question 2. Identify and discuss three key features associated with the combustion of polymeric materials or compounds that are relevant to the safety and health of an EH & S or a FS professional responding to an incident involving these materials.

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Science: Describe an incident fire spill explosion etc you have
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