Define the term oppression



• Format:

Define the term"Oppression"?

• Your response should be 2-3(500-800 words), double-spaced, standard pages using APA format for font and citations (no abstract needed).

• Be sure to craft a tightly-written thesis statement to focus your essay.

• For full credit, make sure to have proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and to properly apply in-text APA format (paper formatting and APA in-text citations) when integrating the book readings, web readings, and web videos into your essay.

• See Course Tools/Useful Links for writing assistance.

• Content

• Do not use outside sources to answer these questions. Again, bring only the Unit 1 and Unit 2 book readings, web readings, and web videos into your essay.

• Well-supported papers will incorporate a wide range of course materials.

• Be sure to fully answer all parts of the question(s) being asked.

• Avoid merely summarizing the information from our course materials in your paper. Instead, provide analysis of how the SOC 350 material specifically supports your response to the exam question.

Choose ONE of the following two midterm exam questions:

1.Using course materials, define the term "oppression" and provide an example from a group that has experienced oppression within the U.S. society. Make sure to use a variety of Week 1 and 2 readings to support your discussion.

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