Define the neurons-synapses-dendrite-cortisol


Read and answer the following questions:

1. What is the fastest growing group in child care?

2. How are babies unique?

3. What do babies need?

4. Define neurons, synapses, dendrite, cortisol, attachment and sensorimotor.

5. Describe an environment that nurtures trust.

6. Define primary-caregiving, continuity of care and ratio.

7. What are prime times? Describe an environment that nurtures attachment.

8. Define mobility. Describe an environment that nurtures mobility.

9. Describe an environment for the senses. Specifically address each sense: sight, smell, touch, sound, taste.

10. What is the importance of "softness" in the environment?

11. Describe an environment for language.

12. What does it mean to rethink the traditional?

13. Why is it necessary to take infants outdoors?

14. Describe an outdoor environment for infants.

15. Why is shade important for infants?

16. List sixteen (16) safe-environment practices for infants.

17. List twelve (12) healthy-environment practices for infants.

18. List fourteen (14) items every infant room should contain.

19. Define self-demand schedule.

20. Describe an inappropriate physical environment for infants.

21. What is an IFSP? What might be included in an IFSP?

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