Contrast the use of calls and puts

1. Distinguish the cost of capital for a purely domestic corporation and an MNE; support with explanations and rationale.

2. Contrast the use of calls and puts and determine which scenarios would be better suited to one over the other. Provide examples of each in the context of an MNE.

3. Contrast a direct quote versus an indirect quote when considering foreign exchange of currency.

4. How does balance of payments impact foreign exchange rates?

5. How is political risk assessed in the context of an MNE? What factors should be considered when considering FDI? Address the various levels of FDI that mitigate risk.

Please answer each question separately; 150-200 words each question, APA style, at least 1 citation per question may be the same for every question if applicable.


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Finance Basics: Contrast the use of calls and puts
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