Computing operating cash flow

Q1. A project has a contribution margin of $5, projected fixed costs of $13,000, projected variable cost per unit of $12, and a projected present value break-even point of 5,500 units. What is the operating cash flow at this level of output?

Q2. At stage 2 of the decision tree it shows that if a project is successful, the payoff will be $53,000 with a 2/3 chance of occurrence. There is also the 1/3 chance of a $-24,000 payoff. The cost of getting to stage 2 (1 year out) is $44,000. The cost of capital is 15%. What is the NPV of the project at stage 1?

Need to see work on how to do these...even if answers are not provided. Just need examples of how to calculate so I know for my upcoming test.


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Finance Basics: Computing operating cash flow
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