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Communication and collaboration are important to the success of students in online classrooms. For some students, the feeling of isolation and lack of support can quickly present itself. As an instructor, you want to establish open lines of communication with your students as well as create a sense of community and collaboration.

When this is achieved, students are more likely to feel that they are not "in it alone" and that they have the support they need.

Use the Ashford Library and find a research study from a full-text peer-reviewed journal that researches online communication between students and instructors in an online and/or hybrid learning environment

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In your post, consider the material reviewed for the course this week along with the article you read from the library. How can an instructor's communication skills can help or hinder the student in an online course? Provide specific examples.. Additionally, drawing on the readings, reflect how you as an instructor can encourage communication and collaboration between students in an online course, again using specific examples to illustrate your points.

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