Choose any topic they wish with the exceptions of abortion

Each student will submit a research paper on a topic in American Government. Students may choose any topic they wish with the exceptions of abortion and the Dream Act. Any student writing their research paper on either abortion or the Dream Act will receive No Credit for the assignment. Students will choose a controversial topic in American Government, present the pros and cons of the chosen topic (supported by cites), and provide an analysis of the subject with an opinion. The analysis must present a critical review of how the sources used treated and or discussed the topic, including, but not limited to, liberal/conservative ideology, factual vs. opinion, political parties, institutions, political participants, and details of the actual topic (refer to SLO's for areas of analysis).

Papers must be a minimum of five (5) pages of text in length (7 pages max.) plus a standard bibliography of no fewer than 6 cites. Any paper submitted without a complete bibliography will receive no credit for the assignment. Students MUST use the following publications as sources (minimum 1 article from each source) for their papers: Mother Jones, the National Review, One Government Publication (US or state) or One Interest Group Publication, and One Major US Newspaper; additional cite choices are at the discretion of the student. All of these publications can be found via LBCC Library online resources, specifically the search engine ProQuest. If a website is used as a required cite, it must be from a reputable publication, institution or association. Non-reputable websites will not be counted toward required sources. The required textbooks, dictionaries, Wikipedia, or any encyclopedia or standard reference volume may not be used as a required cite.

Papers shall be written in the following format: ½ page introduction and facts, 1 page pros of topic, 1 page cons of topic, 2 page analysis and ½ page conclusion. The Analysis section of the paper should include 1. ideology (liberal and conservative), 2. media/source treatment of topic, 3. discussion of institutions, if applicable, 4. discussion of political participants, and 5. detailed analysis of topic. The paper is worth 250 points, 75 points will be deducted for a late paper. Papers shorter than the minimum 5 pages, lacking a complete bibliography, or not meeting the requirements of the assignment will receive severe point deductions or no credit.

The Research paper, including bibliography, Mustbe typewritten, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman or CG Times font. DUE: Saturday, November 15 by 9am EST (6amPST) for full credit. Late papers will NOT be accepted after Tuesday November 18, by 9am EST (6amPST) - NO exceptions. Students will submit their papers electronically, to the "Research Paper Dropbox" located under the "Study Plans & Course Content" button. First you must click "browse" to find your paper in your computer's library. Then you "Add" your paper, and it will show up in the box. Once the title of your paper is in the box, click "submit for grading." Students must submit for grading to have the paper sent to the professor. Papers must be in a Rich Text Format (RTF), to avoid issues with software compatibility. When submitting your paper, please include your name and email on your paper. Please contact the Professor IMMEDIATELY if you are having difficulties.

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Other Subject: Choose any topic they wish with the exceptions of abortion
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