Case of mr bono records


Study the following case and then answer the question below as instructed.

The Case of Mr. Bono's Records

Mr. Bono is applying for a position with XMEN Company in Louisiana. For the medical exam that is part of the employment process, Mr. Bono has signed a general authorization to release his medical records to XMEN Company.

Mr. Bono is accepted to work for XMEN Company. After the month waiting period, Mr. Bono applies for health insurance through his employer. In going over his medical records, the employer's insurance agency Megamillion, Inc. discovers that Mr. Bono was once part of a university-led research study that identified him as a carrier of the obesity gene.

Based on this disclosure in his medical records, Megamillion, Inc. denies Mr. Bono's application for health insurance.


Write a 1 page paper discussing your thoughts about this case while addressing the following:

Summarize the facts of Mr. Bono's case.

Based on Louisiana law or your state law, argue whether or not Mr. Bono has a discrimination claim against Megamillion. Give reasons why or why not.

What action should Mr. Bono take? Refer to details in your assigned reading and your own research.

Be sure to refer to at least one research source with a citation in APA format.

Remember that you need in-text citations as well as full reference citation information. If you found your references on the web, you absolutely need to include the DOI or website. You also need to include page numbers with your in-text citations for your journals or books. Your reader should be able to easily locate the referenced information.

Follows standard mechanics in writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

At least one research source is cited in APA format.

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