Calculate the amount to fulfill retirement goals

Jordan wants to retire in 15 years when he turns 65. Jordan wants to have enough money to replace 75% of his current income less what he expects to receive from Social Security at the beginning of each year. He expects to receive $20,000 per year from Social Security in today's dollars. Jordan is conservative and wants to assume a 6% annual investment rate of return and assumes that inflation will be 4% per year. Based on his family history, Jordan expects that he will live to be 95 years old. If Jordan currently earns $100,000 per year and he expects his raises to equal the inflation rate, approximately how much does he need at retirement to fulfill his retirement goals?
A. $1,268,887
B. $2,242,055
C. $2,285,195
D. $3,057,348

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Finance Basics: Calculate the amount to fulfill retirement goals
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