Business decision-ethical decision

1. During a day at work, people make many decisions.

Do you believe there is a difference between a business decision and an ethical decision or are they one in the same; Give a specific example of a decision that you have had to make at work and discuss its relation to being an ethical decision, business decision, or both.

2. Read a text relating to cognitive and intellectual stumbling blocks.

Give a brief synopsis of a time you made a business decision that did not have a favorable outcome. Select one of the stumbling blocks discussed and relate it to your scenario. What would you have done differently given the insight you have now on the decision.

3. Select one of the two activities to construct your essay:

A. Conduct online research on a large company to see if you can find their code of conduct. Name two components that stand out to you and how do you think that code of conduct affects that company's culture? Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.

B. Conduct online research to find an article on code of conduct. How do you think a code of conduct affects corporate culture? Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.

4. Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program that tries to respond to instances of past discrimination by implementing proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity today. In your own words, discuss your point of view on affirmative action. Do you believe it is fair or does affirmative action create further discrimination

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