Attention-encoding and social cognitive memory

Attention, Encoding, and Social Cognitive Memory focus on the saliency, vividness, and accessibility of information, which influences attention. Explore social cognitive memory models as they relate to attention and encoding. Attention is the cognitive process wherein specific focus is given to particular stimuli (Raghubir & Valenzuela, 2006). There are many factors that impact our ability to attend to any of the multiple stimuli in our environment at any given time, such as the extent to which a stimulus is salient, the extent to which a stimulus is vivid, and the extent to which the information for a stimulus is mentally accessible. These three factors impact the likelihood of attention and encoding into social cognitive memory.

In this discussion, include:

A description of a social event in the media involving one person that stood out to you.

Explain how salient, vivid, and accessible the information is.

Explain one possible reason why the information is salient, vivid, and accessible to you.

Explain one insight you had related to how you attend to information by using the media example. Be specific and use the current literature to support your response.

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