Assuming bosco wins the lawsuit what kind of money damages

1. Assume that a Philadelphia company (PhilaCo) that produces paper products engages in a contract with a Boston company (BosCo) that operates stationery stores. PhilaCo agrees to ship the paper products to BosCo with a delivery date of "on or before March 1, 2015." On February 15, 2015 PhilaCo warehouse burns to the ground and PhilaCo is unable to ship the paper products. BosCo files a lawsuit against PhilaCo for breach of contract and seeks money damages.

a) Assuming BosCo wins the lawsuit, what kind of money damages will BosCo recover?
b) What defenses will PhilaCo have to the breach of contract lawsuit? Explain.
c) Who will win this lawsuit? Explain.
d) In which courts will BosCo be able to file the lawsuit?

2. Assume that you have been asked by your company's chief operating officer to prepare a code of conduct for your company. Your company is a retail clothing business and owns and operates retail clothing stores throughout the U.S., Canada, the E.U., Japan, China, and Australia. Identify and briefly explain at least five (5) aspects of the code of conduct that you will draft. Who are your company's stakeholders (groups that have an interest in your company operations)? Explain why they are your stakeholders. The answer to this question requires a detailed response.

3. ABC Company is a California grower of avocados. ABC receives a request from XYZ Company for a shipment of 10,000 pounds of avocados to be shipped from the port of Los Angeles to Yokohama, Japan. ABC and XYZ agree to a contract whereby ABC is obligated to have the avocados delivered to Yokohama on or before March 1, 2015. Due to a dockworkers' strike, the avocados are not delivered until March 25, 2015.

a) Explain whether the CISG or some other body of law will apply to this contract.
b) Will XYZ have a winnable claim against ABC for breach of contract? Explain.
c) What will be ABC's defenses to XYZ's breach of contract claim? Explain.
d) Assume you are ABC's contracts manager. Identify and briefly explain those contract provisions you would have in the contract to address the various jurisdiction, venue, and breach of contract issues that are presented by the facts of this case.

4. If you had been Texaco's CEO at the time you learned that Pennzoil had signed some kind of a "memorandum agreement" with Getty, how would you have proceeded in the hope of having Texaco purchase Getty? Explain. In other words, what would you have done in order to have Getty decide to be purchased by Texaco instead of by Pennzoil? ----- The answer to this question requires explicit steps that cannot be described in only a few sentences.

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