Assignment to contribute to a packback

Problem: When Alejandro has multiple school assignments, he always works on each assignment in the order it was received. For instance, if he received an assignment to write a paper on Monday and an assignment to contribute to a Packback Discussion on Thursday, he will work on the paper first and not start the discussion post until the paper is complete. What priority scheduling method does this scenario illustrate? Group of answer choices First come, first served Last in, first out Shortest operating time Earliest due dateCameron is overseeing a project for his summer internship. He is preparing a scheduling tool to help him show multiple projects on one chart. More specifically, he uses bars to graphically illustrate a schedule, as well as progress toward the objective over a period. Considering this scenario, Cameron is likely using a: Group of answer choices Gantt chart. balanced scorecard. SWOT analysis. planning sheet.


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