Analyze the roommates rights to all of the property

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Abigail and Rachel were roommates in law school. They shared an apartment near campus. After crunching some numbers and reviewing their living expenses, they decided it would be cheaper to buy a house in a subdivision in West Baton Rouge Parish rather than to continue to pay rent. Abigail and Rachel both signed a promissory note for the home loan and recorded the mortgage in the conveyance records of East Baton Rouge Parish. Excited that they were now homeowners, Abigail and Rachel decided to buy some furniture and invite some people over for a party. Rachel was struggling financially, but she did have a job at the cell phone booth at the mall. With her limited income in mind, Rachel spent $200 on a couch and love seat. Half of the $200 came from Rachel's paycheck and half came from her sale of the pecans that fell from the pecan tree in their new backyard. Abigail was equally strapped for cash. However, she was from a very wealthy family and she wanted the home to reflect her personal image. Although her parents had financially cut her off, she still had a credit card with a massive limit. She went to Best Buy and told the sales person that she wanted everything "real big" and that money was not a consideration. Abigail bought marble countertops and paid for their installation, a Bose stereo system, and several flat screen televisions. She also purchased and had installed a stove/grill combination that she had seen Bobby Flay using on Food Network. After buying everything that she had seen on MTV's Cribs, Abigail paid $40,000 for the stuff with her credit card. When Rachel returned home and saw the purchases, a big argument ensued and Rachel refused to be responsible for paying for the outrageous purchases. The fight became so bad that Abigail and Rachel decided to go their separate ways.

Please analyze the roommates' rights to all of the property and who is responsible to pay for what.

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Business Law and Ethics: Analyze the roommates rights to all of the property
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