After completing the steps above please take a moment to

For this week's assignment, you will have an opportunity to take the LBDQ-XII that you have just read about. I hope you find the opportunity to take this measure both exciting and useful, as it is a highly utilized and well-validated measure whose results you may find to be quite valuable.

Please complete ONE of the following two measures below:

This measure covers YOU as a leader:

After completing the measures above, please take a moment to score your results using the following scoring sheet and guide:

After completing the steps above, please take a moment to write an essay describing you general opinion of the measure in terms of whether you find it to be a useful measure for leader development, your interpretation of the accuracy of the results you received, and whether you believe your current or expected workplace should use this measure as a tool to develop its leaders.

Since the measure alone should take some time to complete, this written assignment for this week may be as short as one page as opposed to the standard two that is generally expected for most written assignments.

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