About the native americans at poverty

1. The Caddo lived on a million acres of land. What characteristics of their culture demonstrated a need for vast amounts of land?

A. They made and traded intricate pottery.

B. They hunted Bison and raised cattle, hogs, and poultry on farms.

C. They worked on boats along shores.

D. They hunted and gathered

2. Why did the Houma learn to trap animals and fish?

A. European conflict drove them to swampy and marsh land in Southern Louisiana.

B. They did not have the skills for farming.

C. They lived in forest mounds, which were located in an are that was perfect for trapping animals and fish.

D. They lived in Louisiana along the northern parts of the Mississippi where hunting and trapping were common.

3. Why did the French conflict with the Natchez over Land?

A. The Natchez were enemies of the Choctaw.

B. The Natchez were a warring tribe with no societal structure.

C. The Natchez lived on the best farmland.

D. The Natchez invaded the land that the French claimed.

4. What prehistoric group were the Native American groups most like when first encountered by Europeans?

A. Paleo

B. Meso

C. Neo

D. Caddo

5.Which of the following is not true about the Native Americans at Poverty Point?

A. They hauled heavy vessels of dirt to build mounds.

B. Their farms were examples of the first plantations.

C. They traded goods that were produced from materials hundreds of miles away.

D. They were hunters and gatherers.

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History: About the native americans at poverty
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