Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy:

Nuclear energy is the only energy source, recognized to be economically feasible in the current and for the near future. It can substitute fossil fuels. In nuclear fission, a heavy atom splits beneath neutron bombardment into smaller fragments, with the evolution of vast quantity of energy. In spite of this merit the trouble of disposal of nuclear wastes remains.

Nuclear fusion is predictable to be an ideal energy source for the future. In nuclear fusion, light nuclei like deuterium (21H) and tritium (31H) join to form heavier stable nuclei.

Furthermore, the products of fusion are not radioactive and therefore safety hazards related with fission reactors are greatly decreased. The light isotopes required for fusion are suitably common to supply all of our energy requirements for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the above fusion reaction has not been perfected to maintain flow of energy.


Nuclear safety systems:

The three main objectives of nuclear safety systems as stated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are to shut down the reactor, sustain it in a shutdown condition, and prevent the discharge of radioactive material during events and accidents.Such objectives are accomplished by employing a variety of equipment, which is part of various systems, of which each performs particular functions.


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