Second Generation Computers

Introduction to Second Generation Computers

Approximately 1955 a device called Transistor replaced the huge electric tubes in the first generation computer. Transistors are smaller than electric tubes of the first generation and comprise higher operating speed. They comprise no filament and need no heating. Manufacturing cost was as well extremely low. So the size of the computer got decreased significantly.

It is in the second generation of computers that the concept of programming language, Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, and input and output units were developed. The programming languages like COBOL, FORTRAN were built up during this period. A number of the computers of the Second Generation were as follow:

1. IBM 1620:

The size of IBM 1620 was smaller as compared to First Generation computers and mainly employed for scientific purpose.

2. IBM 1401:

The size of IBM 1401 was small to medium and employed for business applications.

3. CDC 3600:

The size of CDC 3600 was large and is employed for scientific purposes.

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