Energy resources

Energy resources:


Ecologically man is merely a portion of energy flow in nature. Man needs energy for his daily requirements. The main energy sources are fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas and fuel wood. Apart from these, the other direct energy resources are sunlight, wind and hydroelectric power, tidal, nuclear and geothermal energy.

Energy Requirement:

During early phases of human civilization, the daily per capita require for energy was just 2,000 to 4,000 kilo calories. During the agricultural phase, the muscular energy of domestic animals was employed for work. The per capita energy consumption steadily rose. In 19th century, during the industrial phase of human civilization, the utilization of fossil fuel started and per capita energy need rose to 70,000 kilo calories per day.

Today we require energy for agriculture, transport, communication, industry, comfort and defense. The per head energy consumption differs from country to country.

Depletion of fossil fuels:

Nowadays the world’s energy resources have reached critical phase. Most of the world’s human population utilizes fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum & natural gas).

The fossil fuel resources are being quickly depleted.  As an outcome such resources might last only another few centuries. The dwindling stocks of fuels have led to the search of alternate sources of energy.

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