Concept of Systems of Inequalities

Systems of Inequalities:

Graph of an Inequality:

Whenever we were dealing with one variable, then the graph of inequality was some interval on the real number line. Now we are dealing with the two variables and the graph of an inequality is the set of all the ordered pairs (x, y) which satisfy the inequality. Usually, this will be symbolized by a half-plane.

Sketching an Inequality in Two Variables:

a) Substitute the inequality with an equivalent sign and sketch the resultant equation. Use a solid line when the equal is to included (<= or >=) and a dashed line of inequality is strict (< or >).

b) Pick a test point not on the graph of equation. When that test point satisfies the inequality, then shade each and every point on the side of inequality which includes your test point. When the test point does not satisfy the inequality then shade the other side of inequality.

Solving a System of Inequalities:

The solution to a system of inequalities is the set of all the ordered pairs (x, y) which satisfy all inequalities simultaneously.

Solution to the system of linear inequalities given is sketched to the right as shown.

152_system of inequalities.jpg

(x - 3)2 + (y - 3)2 < 4
x + y <= 5
2x + 3y <= 12

Note that the circle is dotted (or dashed) rather than solid. This is as there is a strict inequality (< or >), which is, equivalent to be not comprised.

Now, one ambiguous thing regarding generating the output on a computer is that it looks much simple to sketch the system. In actuality, there are four ways we can sketch the solution to a system of the linear inequalities:

a) Draw all the curves and lines. Pick a test point in each and every region (there will be many areas - there are 8 in the shown figure). Drawback: way too much work.

b) Shade each and every inequality as it is encountered. Whatever is shaded for each and every inequality is the solution. When there are three inequalities, whatever is shaded three times is solution. When there are five inequalities, then whatever is shaded five times is the solution. Drawback: if you do a good job of shading and you must, it becomes hard to tell what is shaded three times as contrasting to what is shaded four times.

c) Shade each and every inequality as it is encountered, however shade the false portion in each and every case. The contra positive of ‘if does not work, then shaded’ is ‘if not shaded, then works’. In another words, whatever is left un-shaded will be the portion that is the solution. Drawback: your outcomes will be unshaded where the books will be shaded.

d) Shade just the accurate edge of each and every inequality. Then you can expand those to see which areas are shaded on all sides.

Whichever method you use, write the word ‘yes’ or something similar in the solution area.

Determining the System from Graph:

a) Write down the equation for each and every boundary on the graph.

b) Pick a test point in the solution area and replace it to the equation.

c) Substitute the equivalent sign by whichever inequality is required to make the statement true. Comprise the equivalent sign when it is a solid line and do not comprise the equivalent sign in the inequality when it is a dashed line.

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