The 5 Traits Models of Personality - Organizational Behavior

The big five traits have been found to be related to job performance. The descriptive characteristics of these traits have been summarized as follows:

1) Extroversion reflects a person's comfort level with relationships. Extroverts are sociable, talkative, assertive, and open to establishing new relationships; introverts are less sociable, less talkative, less assertive, and more reluctant to begin relationships.

2) Agreeableness refers to a person's ability to get along with others. Highly agreeable people value harmony more than they value having their say or their way. They are co-operative and trusting of others.

People who score low on agreeableness focus more on their own needs than the needs of others.

3) Conscientiousness refers to the number of goals that a person focuses on . a highly conscientious person focuses on relatively few goals at one time. He or she is likely t be organized, systematic, careful, through, responsible, self-disciplined, and achievement-oriented a person with a low conscientious nature tends to focus on a higher number of goals at one time. Consequently, the individual is more disorganized, careless, and irresponsible, as well as less through and self-disciplined.

4) Emotional stability focuses on an individual's ability to cope with stress. The individual with positive emotional stability tends to be calm, enthusiastic, and secure. A person with low emotional stability tends to be nervous, depressed, and insecure.

5) Openness addresses one's range of interests. Extremely open people are fascinated by novelty and innovation. They are willing to listen to new ideas and to change their own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes in response to new information. On the other hand, people with low levels of openness tend to be less receptive to new ideas and less willing to change their minds. They also tend to have fewer and narrow interests and be less curious and creative.


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