Fielder's contingency model

Fielder's contingency model

Taking the queue from the situation approach of leadership approach that any one the style cannot be consider suitable for all the situation and for all kind of the subordinate developed a contingency models of leader ship assumption that the effective of leadership is based on the ability to act in the terms of the situation required to approach his study two major style of the leadership : human relation or lenient style and task directed or hard or nosed style . Human relationship is oriented primarily towards achieving the good interpersonal relationship. And towards achieve task from that the group perform will be contingent upon the appropriate the matching of the leadership style and to the degree of favorableness of group situation for the leader that is the degree to which situation provides the leader with influence over his group member favorable of situation has been defined that as the degree to which a given situation has been. He has identify three critical dimensions of favorableness of the situation :   

I) LEADERSHIP MEMBER RELATIONSHIP: refers to the degree that other trusts and respect the leader to the leader congeniality

ii) Task situation : is the degree to which thje job task are structure for example : assembly line jobs are more structured that managerial occupation

iii) Position power refers to the power and influence and go with the job a manager has more position power in the manager is able to hire fire and maintain discipline position power is analogous to coercive rewards and levitate power situation are favorable if all the three  dimensions are high if the leader is generally is accepted followers if the task is very structured and if a great deal is of authority  is attributed the leader position  is situation is very favorable . If the opposite exists the situation is very unfavorable to of situation. 

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