Steps for achieving effective coordination

Steps for achieving effective coordination

1)       Delegation of the authority and imposition of accountability through the all levels of management in a clear balance and integrated manner

2)      Appropriate departmentalization of activity m in true will the size , range and complexity of organization tasks

3)      Formation of sets of well throughout policies , standard operating procedure rules and operation of the methods of operating and the norms of the behaviors 

4)      Design of the dynamic decision making system such that the manager monitor the organization activity personally and the otherwise problem of coordination of and quickly find the solution with a situation perspective

5)      Establishment and activation of the communication  channels upwards downwards and diagonal

6)      Installation of a system of the relation of reporting on a regular basis on the passé and the pattern of the organization activity in the key results area and the critical point of the area

7)      Development of the relationship and feasible reward of the system both minatory  such that the people respond by the complied by the required performance and behavioral  standards

8)      Introduction of the staff group task force committees and individual coordination wherever appropriate to task over some of the coordinate function of the line managers without unduly inspired their authority

9)      Encouragement of the personal and participative process on the informal basis among the organization members within and across work units

10)  Training of the management in the skills of leadership , communication and coordination       

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