Significance of proteins for the living beings

What is the significance of proteins for the living beings?




Proteins play an essential role in almost all biological processes. Due to their variety they can suppose lots of different configurations and they can play varied roles in tissues and cells. Some protein functions are notable: the structural function (that is, cell membrane proteins, cytoskeleton proteins, proteins of connective tissue), the enzymatic function (that is, enzymes are proteins), the energy storage function (that is, proteins can be degraded into acetyl-CoA and “cycle” the Krebs cycle), the osmotic regulation function (or albumin), the transportation function (that is, membrane channels, respiratory pigments), the immune protection function (or antibodies), the movement function (or contractile proteins), the endocrine integration function (or hormones) and the informative function (that is, membrane receptors, intracellular signalers). There are too many proteins whose biological functions are not yet recognized.

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