Research on Organizational Behavior

With the availability of computer technology, thousands of research studies relating to management and organizational behavior are conducted all over the globe. The internet, intranet, websites and electronic data collection have considerably facilitated the conduct of research. Theory building and empirical research co-exist and reinforce each other. Arm chair theories evolved from astute observation lead to empirical testing. When the hypotheses developed from the theories are substantiated empirically, the result offer further scope for theory building. Where empirical testing does not substantiate the theories, the latter are modified and refined for further empirical analysis. Good theories have to be of practical use and empirical validation confirms their worth. Likewise, good empirical research should have its foundation in a viable theory and add to the body of existing knowledge. Research should continue to invest substantial amounts of time to develop good theories and substantiate them. They also develop valid and reliable measures to tap multidimensional abstract concepts.

Much of what we know about  effective managerial styles, job design, organizational change proc-eases, employee  attitudes and performance, organizational effectiveness and Avery single toped disbudded in theism and other organizational behavior textbooks comes from systematic and scientific research inquiries. Being knowledgeable about the theories developed and their validation though empirical studies helps the experienced and intelligent manager to wisely assess the significant variables operation in the environment and then match his or germ style, technique and behavior to fir the situation, so that the desired end results ate achieved. The effective management of organizational behavior is not an exact science but an interesting challenge facilitated by a good knowledge of the theories and research findings.

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