prepare its short organizational profile

Q.1. Visit any organization/ company and prepare its short organizational profile. Then describe the internal and external communication process of the organization/ company you have visited along with a diagram.


Q.2. Suppose there is an advertisement published in The Kathmandu Post of Su-kon, a new brand of inverter which your business might purchase. Then write a letter to the company asking for the information your business would need before buying the product.


Q.3. Suppose you have just received an inquiry about Smriti Jaiswal. For four years, she has worked as an Assistant Marketing Manager at your advertising company. Now she is applying for a Senior Public Relation Officer at Mittal & Company. Write a positive report answering the inquiry.


Q.4. Recently there is a vacancy announcement in The Himalayan Times from Standard Chartered Bank for the post of a Credit Officer. Write an application along with a standardized Resume to apply for the post.


Q.5. Nepal Bank Limited owes 10 million rupees to Hulas Business Group. The amount was given as a loan to the Hulas Business Group in 1995 in a condition to pay the amount along with a yearly 10 percent interest in an installment basis by 2000. But the Group has neither paid the interest nor the principal amount despite various reminders. Write a "last stage" claim letter to the company.



  1. Follow the guideline of writing a project work (A4 size paper, Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1 inch margin in all four sides, page number in top right along with the surname, cover page with required information) as instructed in the class.
  2. Submit the assignment within the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Your assignment should be original. If found copied, it will not be graded for internal evaluation marks. 

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