Ploidy reduction

Throughout which meiosis division does ploidy reduction take place? Does ploidy reduction take place in mitosis?




In cell division by meiosis ploidy reduction takes place in meiosis II. Primarily, taking as illustration a 2n somatic cell, ploidy raises to 4n (that is, duplication of DNA) through interphase. During meiosis I, as homologous chromosomes are detached, ploidy falls to 2n (that is, the original number) and then during meiosis II ploidy at last falls to n in the resultant daughter cells. Ploidy reduction does not take place in mitosis. This fact exhibits that, though in meiosis ploidy is reduced from its original number, in meiosis II, a process identical to mitosis, the cause of that drop is what happens in meiosis I, that is, the separation of homologous chromosomes.

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