plant physiology

Explain the phenomenom of plasmolysis and how it can be used to determine osmotic pressure of cell sap

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    ADVANTAGES OF BIOETHANOL: 1. Already in use in the form of gasoline. 2. Produced from waste wood and agricultural wastes hence help in recycling the carbon.

    Q : Animal kingdom-breath by the diffusion

    Beings from four phyla of animal kingdom “breath” (do gas exchange) by the diffusion. Which are such phyla? How is this kind of respiration related to features existed in such animals?

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    State the autotrophic hypothesis on the origin of life?

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    Local Area Network (LAN): It supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close immediacy to each other like in an office building, a school, or a home. The LAN is helpful for sharing resources such as printers, files, games or other appl

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    Give a brief description of the term predatism?

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    Types of the strategies The following strategies may be adopted by an organization to accomplish its objectives: Stability: it c

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    Name the vessels which carry blood to the kidneys? Is this blood venous or arterial?

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    User Training & Support: To realize the most benefit from your technology investment, user training is very significant. And not presently training that “blankets” the fundamental features of a software program. User’s requiremen

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    What is meant by the pollen?

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    Competitor Intelligence: Intelligence about the competitors should be well documented to be component of product strategy. The way the competitors position themselves, leads to a change in our own strategy. Competition in the market can be direct, ind

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