Objective of the co-ordination

Objective of the co-ordination

1)  Harmony of the goals: the goals of the individual may be different from those of the organization . The conflict of goals arise because everybody perceives the organization goals differently and tries to achieve them in his own ways . they may lead to confusion and chaos in the organization therefore the coordination is necessary to bring the unity of action in the organization

2) Total accomplish: through co ordination it is possible to bring about the total accomplish which will be fair in excess of the sum of the individual part . It has been provided that the total accomplishment of ten employee of  a department whose efforts are properly co ordinate will be far greater than the mathematics sum of the individual accomplishment . this happen because through co ordination duplication of the efforts is prevented and the time and energy thus saved are better utilized more creative tasks

3) Economy and efficiency: co ordination aims at be gaining about the economy and efficiency in the organization. Coordination is avoiding the duplication of efforts due to the which there will be economy in labor time and equipment. When the activity are properly coordinated there will be least delay which will be bring efficiency in the business organization

4) Good human relationship: co ordination attempts to achieve good human relationship in the enterprises. it make authority responsibility relation clear . There will be less conflicts among the personals there will be lead to job satisfaction among the employee leading to their high morale 

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