Nature | Feature of Communication - Organization Behavior

1)     Communication is unavoidable: communication is always an existing and unavoidable phenomenon. Not to talk of facial expressions. Positive gestures and other behavioral ways, even silence also conveys a lot about the persons attitude.

2)     Continuous process: communication is not an art or even at an instance of time rather it is a continuous process incorporating various events and activities that are interrelated and interdependent.

3)     Two-way traffic: communication is not complete unless the receiver understands the message. To ensure that the receiver has understood the message, there should be some sort of feedback. Thus the communication is two ways and not the one-way traffic.

4)     Universal: communication is universal phenomenon. All living creatures (human beings, birds, beasts, etc.) communicate through their own symbols and sings.

5)     A short lived process: the process of communication is complete as soon as the message is received and understood by the receiver in the right perspective; hence, it is a short lived process.

6)     Needs proper understanding: there may be numerous media of communication but the main purpose of conveying the message is a proper understanding of the message by the other party. For this purpose, it should be clearly and concisely worded.

7)     Lead achievement of the organizational objective:  effective communication does this by creating the sense of object orientation in the organization.

8)     Dispels misunderstanding: in this sense, it provides clear understanding between persons and thus builds a bridge of camaraderie among people.

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