Multimedia Communication - Organization Behavior

This is a combination of many 'media' brought together to convey a message. These 'media' can include graphic, photo, music, voice, text and animations. When these elements are placed together on computer screen, they become multimedia. Since multimedia combines many different media types, it is a very powerful means of communication. Besides, it is interactive, which means that user can participate in the experience and direct the flow of the presentation. Under-activity also greatly increases information retention.

Multimedia can be very effectively used for advertising and publicity campaigns. Multimedia demonstrations placed on floppy disks or compact disks can be a cost efficient way of distributing an eye-catching and informative demonstration of a company's products and services. Paper brochures are normally thrown away after a quick glance through them but the chances are that a floppy disk or CDs will be viewed with interest and attention.

Advantages of multimedia

I.            Multimedia systems are of great value to the organizations.

II.            Information resources available on paper can easily be available on electronic form with the help of multimedia.

III.            They automate meetings and enrich telephone conversations.

IV.            Multimedia can be used in training the students, teachers and employees located at different places.

V.            Helpful in saving travel time and cost

VI.            Multimedia has paved the way for telecommunicating under which the employees work for their home through computers which are linked to the central computer network of their employer.

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