Managing in Global Economy - Organization Behavior

This poses many challenges and opportunities. For example, at a macro level, property ownership arrangements vary widely in different countries. So does the availability of natural resources and components of the infrastructure, as well as the role of government in business. For our purposes, a very important consideration is how behavioral processes vary widely across cultural and national boundaries. Norms, values and beliefs differ sharply among cultures and these shape patterns of work-related behavior of the woofers to a great extent. They also affect the nature of supervisory relationship, decision-making stoles and processes, and organizational con-figurations. Group and inter-group processes, responses to stress, and the mature of political behavior also differ from culture to culture. This, globalization has posed both challenges and opportunities for the managers. The global managers mist work to understand the local culture and the behavioral forces that affect the workforce in order to manage the workers, more effectively. Even of the global manager so working in his own country, he might have to manage the workers who belong to different cultures. In this case also the manager will have to learn to adapt his management style to deal effectively with such workers. Similarly, one has to master the art of interacting with basses and peers belonging to different cultures.


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